McClellanville Board of Review Meeting
January 28, 2018 – 7:00 PM

1. Minutes from December 17, 2018.

New Business:
2. ARB consideration of Vince Sottile. The property is at 366 Drayton and is in the Historic District. This application is for plans previously approved at December 17, 2018 ARB meeting. Changes to those plans are as follows.
a. Add 245 SF North of building
b. Change three windows to a double window on South side
c. Remove windows on East wall.
(See Application) (See Application)

3. ARB consideration of Richard Guthrie, representing Mary Duke. The property is at 559 Water Street it is in the Historic District and contributes to the Historic District. This application is to stabilize and replace weather boards which are rotten (Matching what remains- flat lapped siding and german siding.). Replace broken or missing window panes with period glass and reglazing. Stabilize front porch underpinning. Paint exterior (white). (See Application)

5. Adjournment