Running Trail

The Buck Hall trail is a 2.0 mile course, designed for those who want a hard surface for training. The course is marked at 1/2 mile intervals, with small green markers on existing signposts and trees. The course affords an expansive view of the Intracoastal Waterway and Bull's Bay. The course traverses a small portion of the Palmetto Trail.

Begin near the Highway 17 entrance, at the Hugo interpretive loop. The marker is on the "speed limit" signpost. Proceed down the entry road, and turn right into the campground. The .5 mile marker is on the kiosk for the campground. Loop the campground road, and turn right toward the boat landing.

Circle the boat landing.  The 1.0 mile marker is on the kiosk for the boat landing. Continue to the end of the boat landing parking, and turn right into the picnic area parking. Circle the parking area, and enter the boardwalk at the head of the Palmetto Trail. Take the trail back to the paved entry road.Continue up the paved entry road.

The 1.5 mile marker is along this stretch. Continue up the paved entry road to the Hugo interpretive loop. Circle the loop. The 2.0 mile marker is on the "one way" signpost for the loop.

Sewee to Santee Youth Runners in partner ship with The US Forest Service