Runing Trail

The McClellanville trail is a hard surface through the historic district of the Village. The three mile trail is marked at .5 mile intervals.  The course begins at the Town playground.  Proceed up Pinckney Street, and turn left on Oak Street, passing the Deer Head Oak.  The .5 mile marker is near the mid-point on Oak Street.  At the end of the street, a concrete bench invites you to rest and enjoy the view of Jeremy Creek and the shrimp docks.  Turn left on Morrison Street, and left on Cassena.  The 1.0 mile marker adjoins the head of a small creek.  You pass the McClellanville Arts Council and T.W. Graham restaurant as you cross Pinckney Street and continue on Mercantile Rd.  The 1.5 mile marker is at the corner of Mercantile and Lincoln Rd.   Turn left onto Lincoln Road and pass Lincoln High School.  Turn left onto Drayton St., past historic Bethel AME church.  The 2.0 mile marker is at the intersection of Drayton and Pinckney Streets.  Turn right onto Pinckney Street and continue toward the playground.  The 2.5 mile marker is beside the Don Britt Bandstand.  For a three mile run continue to Lofton Court, make that loop, and continue onto Thomas Pinckney Court and make that loop.  The 3.0 mile marker is in front of the playground.